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Movie of the Week

The Day After Tomorrow (2004)

As winter is finally showing its teeth - giving us record amounts of snow and freezing temperatures, this movie should put into perspective what bad weather REALLY feels like. Oh, you complain about that 2 feet of snow and -20F windchill? What about an ice age dawning on you in a couple of days?

The Day After Tomorrow is a fictional film that takes audiences on a what-if journey. It is true that the last ice age ended almost 12,000 years ago but what if one occurred in today's time? In this film catastrophic weather changes cause the world and its inhabitants to endure violent rains, hail storms, and earthquakes.

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Looking For A Laugh?

CollegeHumor has a skit that they do for various Batman installments. This one in particular re-enacts the scene from "The Dark Knight Rises". If you haven't seen the actual movie, you can check out our FULL REVIEW.

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Tasty Time Travel Treats

Time travel movies are our favorite sci-fi sub-genre. With many titles to choose, the genre has a truly diverse range of contenders, from the small budget indie titles (of which there are surprisingly many) to the epic blockbuster money makers...

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